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Software Engineers
Empower software engineers to debug complex issues by recording and sharing screen interactions, code explanations, and troubleshooting steps.
Enable designers to showcase their design process by recording their screen while creating UI/UX mockups, explaining design decisions, and collaborating with the team.
Product Managers
Assist product managers in communicating product ideas by recording demos of new features, illustrating user stories, and presenting product roadmaps.
Data Analysts
Support data analysts in visualizing and sharing insights by recording data manipulation, chart creation, and data-driven presentations.
Mobile App Developers
Aid mobile app developers in demonstrating app functionality by recording interactions within the app, showcasing UI responsiveness, and illustrating user flows.
Quality Assurance Testers
Assist QA testers in documenting bugs and test scenarios by recording their testing sessions, demonstrating issues, and creating comprehensive bug reports.

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Digital Surface records screenshots in the background while you work. This means you never have to wonder, what did I work on last week, or last month.

Capture website for reference
Capture screenshots of important websites for future reference and quick access.
Document server configurations
Take screenshots of server configurations and settings for documentation and troubleshooting.
Share in-progress designs
Capture and share screenshots of design work in progress with colleagues and clients.
Document past work
Capture your screen to remember and review tasks and projects you worked on previously.
Capture complex workflows
Document multi-step workflows with screenshots to simplify repetitive tasks.
Bug reproduction
Capture steps to reproduce software bugs, aiding in debugging and issue resolution.
User story visualization
Document user stories and feature ideas using screenshots to enhance product management.
Responsive design testing
Capture screen variations to ensure responsive design and consistent user experience.
Code reviews
Capture code snippets and UI changes during code reviews for comprehensive feedback.
UI/UX inspiration
Capture UI/UX elements from other apps as inspiration for your own design work.
Documentation snapshots
Capture snapshots of documentation for updates and version tracking.

Simple Pricing

Pricing is based on screenshot frequency

1 Screenshot per Minute


$12 per month if paid annually

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10 Screenshots per Minute


$24 per month if paid annually

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60 Screenshots per Minute


$48 per month if paid annually

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Digital Surface is built in Brooklyn by me. (And soon to be a larger team.)